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[干货] The Metrics Every Entrepreneur Should Know by Heart

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  Most startup investors look for entrepreneurs who know their business inside and out. Historical financials are rarely a good predictor of future startup success, but entrepreneurs’ understanding of their financials and key metrics can be. In helping our MergeLane teams prepare for Demo Day last month, we put together a list of financial metrics that every entrepreneur should know by heart (or at least have on hand) when meeting with investors.

  Here they are:


  Monthly for past six months

  Yearly for past three years



  Average revenue by channel for previous quarter and year

  Revenue growth (as a percentage)

  Month-over-month for past six months

  Year-over-year for the past three years

  Year-over-year growth per quarter

  Revenue growth rate decline (SaaS)

  Gross margin

  Current gross margin

  Year-over-year percentage decrease or increase for last three years

  Projected year-over-year decrease or increase for next three years

  Customer acquisition metrics (if applicable)

  Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

  Churn rate

  Site traffic – year-to-date, last year, monthly for past three months

  Customer acquisition cost (CAC)

  Customer lifetime value (LTV)


  Funding history

  Amount raised to date

  Timing and terms of previous financing (debt vs. equity, valuation, etc.)

  Funding plan – current

  Details of current fundraise (amount raising, key terms, valuation)

  Use of proceeds

  Amount closed (in the bank) and soft-circled (amount verbally agreed to)

  Length of runway with current raise

  Future funding

  Projected amount to be raised over the life of the company

  Amount and timing of next raise

  Other metrics:

  Time to break-even

  Current accounts receivable / accounts payable

  I hope this is helpful and please share any metrics you think I’m missing.

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