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[面试技巧] 如何在面试中识别一个坏老板

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     面试是双方向的,公司在面试你,你也在面试公司。前面有分享过 如何处理面试官"有什么问题要问我吗"的问题?今天分享这个如何识别坏老板的。面试官里一般会有你未来的老板(manager),得檫亮眼睛了:)


How to Spot A Bad Boss During A Job Interview


Horrible bosses are too common in the workplace. In fact, one out of five workers have had a bad boss.

When searching for a new job, it’s important to find one you’ll enjoy and a boss who is a pleasure to work for. While it’s not always easy to have the best of both worlds, there are a few warning signs of a bad boss you can spot during a job interview:

1. They arrive late to the job interview without notice.

When a manager shows up late to an interview without informing you, you’re probably safe to assume he doesn’t value your time. Additionally, this behavior might be a sign the manager doesn’t enjoy his job.

2. They display poor body language.

Is the manager constantly watching the clock? Did they avoid making eye contact with you during the interview? This type of negative body language is a strong sign that the manager isn’t interested in performing the job interview.

3. They ask illegal interview questions.

If a manager asks questions about your religion, credit history, or marital status, it’s a good sign the manager isn’t trained on ethical interview practices.

4. They ask simple interview questions.

A good manager asks interview questions that challenge candidates to showcase their expertise. However, if the manager asks questions they could find answers to in your resume or cover letter, it’s a sign they’re not putting effort into learning about your experience.

5. They lack a clear vision for the company.

Does the manager have a difficult time explaining the company’s mission or culture? It could be a sign they don’t know what’s going on within their own company.

6. Their office is extremely disorganized.

Do you walk into the office and there are messy piles of papers left and right? Does everything just seem cluttered? If a manager can’t gain control of his office, it might be a sign he doesn’t have control of his team.

7. They won’t tell you why the last employee left.

During the job interview, it’s OK to ask about employee turnover. However, if the manager refuses to answer your question or makes a rude remark, it might be a sign that the company isn’t a good place to work for.

8. They can’t answer your questions about the position.

If you constantly stump the manager with questions about the position or company, it’s a good sign he's not very engaged with his work.

9. They display red flags of previous bosses you’ve had.

Although it’s important to go into each job interview with an open mind, you want to be aware of familiar characteristics of a bad boss.

For example, does the manager seem scatter-brained during the job interview? This characteristic might remind you of a previous boss you had who was disorganized and failed to lead your old team.

10. They can’t tell you how you’d fit into the organization.

If you ask the manager what goals they’d have for you once hired and they can’t provide a response, it’s a good sign that the position you applied for isn’t a priority for them.

What are some ways you’ve spotted a bad boss during a job interview?



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